Kueh Lapis 蓝蓝的九层糕


Blue Pea Flowers again…This time I used the flowers to make Kueh Lapis. It’s fun, making it layer by layer. Ok…I love kuehs….I love to make kuehs.

This is the only kueh which Zann eats. I can’t think of what else to make which she will eat.  So I asked her before making this. She said Ok. Oh well, I need my girl’s approval to proceed making kueh… 😀


Recipe (adapted from Kitchen Tigress)

4 pandan leaves (cut 10cm)
100g  sugar
1/3tsp salt
400ml coconut milk
200g tapioca starch
50 blue pea flowers, mix with 3tbsp water (boiled)
parchment paper, according to the cake tin used

Steps followed closely to Kitchen Tigress.

Note : I reduced the sugar (cos that’s all I had in my pantry when I did this. But then the taste is ok.


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