Blue Pea Zebra chiffon cake




Used a 17cm tube cake tin to bake blue pea flower zebra chiffon cake. I was so excited after I received the flower from a friend in FB. So so grateful to her.

It’s natural blue colour! And I feel so much assured eating the cake with natural colour. 🙂



Recipe (adapted and tweaked from my cookbook, 自己做職人配方戚風蛋糕[新版)

Use 17cm tube cake tin

4 egg yolk
50ml vegetable oil
50ml milk
Cake flour 60g
Corn flour 10g

4 egg white
sugar 65g

Blue Pea flower essence  20 petals boiled in 2tbsp water

Add egg yolks into the mixer bowl, mix well with veg oil. Add milk and combine well.

(I use hand whisk to whisk till the mixture turns pale and thick)

Add in sifted flour mixture and fold well. Divide batter into half. Add blue pea flower essence into one of the batter.

Beat egg white until fluffy. Add sugar in 3 additions. (stiff peak, short curl at the whisk tip) . Divide the meringue into parts and fold into the yolk mixture.

Pour the two types of  batter into the mould alternatively.

Bake at preheated oven at 170C for 30mins.


Note: I didn’t use cream of tartar. I would prefer lemon juice, but I don’t have it at hm.


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