Domokun Cookies



Recipe (adapted from cartoon cookies by Coco Kong) makes 4o small pieces 


A: 100g butter (at room temperature)
60g icing sugar
50g coconut milk (I used skimmed milk)

B: 120g plain flour
80g potato starch
30g rice flour ( I used cornflour)

C: 1/4 tsp red coloring (I used leftover mashed beetroot) or you can use red yeast powder

1tbsp cocoa powder
Some rice chocolate chips (I don’t have, so in the end I resorted to colouring)

D: (mixed together and spoon into the piping bag)
10g egg white
70g icing sugar
1tsp cornflour


1. Combine ingredients A into a big bowl and mix well. Add in ingredient B, mix again. Knead to form a dough.
2. Take out 40g of the dough (1). Mix in the red colouring, knead to combine the colour. Divide into 1g for the mouth.
3. Add in cocoa powder to the remaining dough, and knead well.
4. Take out 10g and shape into square. Use a spoon/ scrapper to cut a line, spread out as legs. Stick a piece of no.2 as mouth, chocolate chips as eyes. Arrange on tray and repeat process.
5. Bake in preheated oven at 130C for 30mins. While hot, pipe ingredient D as teeth. Repeat process and leave to set before storage.


I’m joining Best Recipes for Everyone September 2014 Event Theme: Chocolate Wonderland hosted by Fion of XuanHom’s Mom.
This post is linked to Cook-Your-Books #16 hosted by Joyce of Kitchen Flavours.

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