Shanghai Mooncake



Baked Shanghai Mooncake this year for family and giveaways. I didn’t buy alkaline water because I thought  I won’t need the whole bottle since this is a once a year bake. Maybe next year  I will do the traditional  bakes. 

I never tried the authentic Shanghai mooncakes before so I don’t know how they really tasted like. But these are the easiest to bake so far. 

Recipe (adapted from Anncoo

A) 140g butter  80g shortening 50g golden syrup ( I used agave nectar)  1/4tsp salt  1/4 tsp yellow colouring (I did not add)

B) 1 egg

C) 370g plain flour

D) 550g yam paste (Store bought)  and 4 salted yolks divided in 8 portions

Pour A into mixer. Beat till creamy. Scrape bowl. Add egg and 2tbsp of flour, beat well. Pour C, with 2tbsp ground almonds (I omitted) into egg mixture. Use spatula and mix. Texture should look crumbly. Wrap and flatten it, put aside inside the freezer for 20mins. ( I left it for 30mins). Divide the paste into 18pcs,  30g each. Roll into small balls. Divide the dough into 18 pcs, 37g each. Wrap the filling inside the dough and shape it like egg shape. Lightly brush with egg and bake at preheated oven for 180C, 20mins.



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