Colorless snowskin mooncakes


The girl wanted snowskin moon cakes without colourings added. I thought some colours added will make them look better. Oh well…. 

Recipe (adapted from AnncooJournal

50g Koufen
230g Premix snowskin flour
50g icing sugar sifted
46g shortening
300g water, set aside to cool
extra koufen for dusting

Combine koufen and snowskin flour in a bowl. Set aside. In a pot, add water, icing sugar, shortening together and bring to boil until the shortening dissolved. Stir with hand whisk . Pour into the bowl of flour. Use spatula to mix until dough has formed. Leave the dough to cool down. Knead until the dough becomes smooth. Add colour at this stage (if you want). Prepare 25g filing (I make 25pcs) Wrap and roll into desired shape. Chill in fridge before serve.


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