Steamed Angel cake with orange zest and cherry bits


This is a steamed cake using only egg whites. I was hit by the mood to steam petite size cake at home nowadays. More healthy and lesser work done. Better still, the size of the cake fits a small family like us.  I used the recipe from Alex Goh’s cookbook, Magic Steamed Cake. I halved the recipe, replaced and added orange zest and cherry bits to make the cake look more ‘colourful’.

Recipe (adapted from Alex Goh’s Magic Steamed Cake) 

Egg White – 2 (Size: large, around 60g without shell)
Sugar – 50 g

Vegetable Oil – 30 g
Orange Juice – 25 g (squeezed from 1 orange)
Water – 20 g
Orange zest – from 1/2 orange

C: sieved and mixed together

Cake Flour – 70 g
Aluminium Free Baking Powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Cherry bits – 25 g (chopped and mixed with C)


Whip A until smooth and soft peak. Add B, mix well with low speed. Fold in sieved C with silicon spatula gradually, then D, mix until well-combined. Pour batter into 5″cake tin. Place into steamer and steam for 25 – 30 minutes in high heat. Or, until test skewer comes out clean.


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