Durian Pound Cake


Baked a Durian pound cake  for 外婆, at her request. My kitchen is full of durian smell in the late hour. I have to bear with the smell. Hub wanted a piece of the cake because durian is his favourite too! Well, so half of it is 外婆’s while we keep the other half.





125g unsalted butter
50g sugar
2.5 eggs (55g each)

180g durian flesh
I used 25ml condensed milk

125g cake flour add in with 1 tsp baking powder

Blend the durian until smooth paste and set aside. Combine butter and sugar and beat until pale and light. Add eggs and beat well. Add durian flesh till combined and then fold in half of the sifted flour and milk, the other half of flour. Pour the batter into cake tin. (I used 20x11x5.5cm aluminium mini loaf pan). Bake at 170C for 40mins.

Recipe tweaked and adapted from Vivianpangkitchen


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