Japanese Condensed Milk Bread


I regretted not baking this condensed milk bread earlier. Heh. This milk bread is so popular in FB. When I searched and read through the recipe online, I decided to bake it. It’s easy for people like me with no bread maker.

While the name is called Japanese Condensed Milk bread, none of the ingredients I used are from Japan. Hah. I have no Japanese milk at home so got to use our local condensed milk bought from NTUC. I replaced almond flakes with pistachio.



This time, I learnt my lesson from my previous night bake. Bread making has to be in the day, for me. I left the bread to rise in a warm place, while  I continue my daily routines with Baby Ian. So simple and so much better.



All of us like it so much. I will definitely bake this again.

Recipe adapted from here.

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