Nutella layer cake



Craving for some nutella cake, so decided to bake this for everyone. I love this recipe from 周老師. In fact, I love all her recipes. The book is a keeper!



Recipe adapted from 周老師的美食教室輕蛋糕.  (12×12 inch tray)

Cake flour  120g (I used the Japanese cake flour)
Sugar 20g
4 egg yolks
Melted butter 40g
Fresh milk 80g (I used skimmed milk)

4 egg whites
88g sugar

Grease some oil with brush and line the tray with parchment paper. Lightly mix egg  yolk and sugar until light and creamy. Add melted butter and milk and combine well. Add in sifted flour and mix well.

Whisk egg white till foamy, add sugar in 2 batches till soft peak. Fold 1/3 egg white to egg yolk mixture. Fold in remaining egg white mixture. Bake in the preheated oven 180C for 10mins. Measure and cut half of the cake, and place on top of each other. Spread nutella on each layer. Press and chill in the fridge for an hr.

** Recipe used honey to join the layers, but I don’t have honey. Nutella is good for me, cos we all love nutella. And  this recipe churned out 5 slices (minus the trimmed edges), enough for three of us.


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