Souffle swiss roll with sweet potato cream


I love swiss roll but not with so much cream please. Sometimes I will just scrap it off. Heh. But my photos contradicted my words here. This time I baked a soufflé swiss roll with normal whipped cream. But why sweet potato cream outside?

For Zann. She loves cream a lot. She always asks for extra cream.

Using sweet potato cream to dress up this soufflé swiss roll, isn’t it sweet ? Hub and I love the purple colour. He said the cake looks like a log cake.



I am not confident, but I just want to try using the same recipe again. Fortunately, the cake turned out light and spongy.



Now that I have tried, I feel so satisfied.  I just love to bake! And so now, I want to go back to bake my chiffon cake soon. Heh.

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