Pandan chiffon cake


I finally baked the pandan chiffon cake. My very first chiffon attempt!

Pandan Chiffon cake is my favourite cake and tops my bake list. And now, I finally baked it and yes, very successfully. U can imagine how happy I was when I tried it. Nice!

Very fluffy and soft!



Hub was asking why so small. Heh. Not enough for him. No choice la. First attempt must try first. That’s why bought  the smallest chiffon tin. Okay. So now I can move on to bake other types of chiffon cake. The girl doesn’t quite like pandan. She and her favourite pink colour and strawberry flavour. She asked for a strawberry chiffon cake.

Note: I did not add in the baking powder and cream of tartar.



Late night bake has become a regular thing now. I have to. Because that’s the only time I get my ‘freedom’ to do what I like. I told the man practise makes perfection. Don’t need to finish all, just a bite to tell me nice or not. Hah  🙂

For now, next project is the cake theme for the SCS baker challenge level 3. I need to think what to bake for submission.

Recipe adapted from ieatishootipost.

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